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K1 WGP 2007.
jeudi, 25 octobre 2007


The K1 GP Final will take place December 8 at Saitama Arena, Japan.

Jerome will face the korean giant Hong Man Choi in the 1st quarter final.

This is a re-match since Jerome beat Choi at K1 GP Eliminations last year.

The others quarter final are: Schilt-Feitosa, Hari-Bonjasky and Aerts-Sawayashiki.



Video Game
mardi, 11 septembre 2007

   This is historic!!!

Jerome Le Banner is the first fighter ever to have his own online video game. This game, developed by Bigpoint ( www.bigpoint.com ), is named “Jerome Le Banner’s K1 fighter” and it will be available in October, 2007 at this address: www.k1fighter.com

This game isn’t a kickboxing simulation. It is more of an entertaining combat game. You can fight against the entire world online, and become the champion! Every month the best fighters will get signed prizes from Jerome, and may also be lucky enough to win the Bigpoint Jackpot of 10,000 Euros!

Bigpoint is the world leader of online video games. They have 23 games, 10 million registered users, and had 22 million visitors in August 2007 alone. (Info: www.bigpoint.net)

These games are 100% online, no downloading necessary, and they are also completely free! They have the best 3D technology on the market. You can play wherever and whenever you like. All you need is an internet connection.

Let’s all meet online at www.k1fighter.com. 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!

dimanche, 09 septembre 2007

    Roger Cornillac, famous french actor/writer, just finished to write Jerome’s novel/biography.

Jerome Le Banner is now used o work with the Cornillac family! He shooted 2 movies with the famous actor Clovis Cornillac (Scorpion in 2007 and Asterix at Olympics in 2008). Clovis is Roger’s son!

The book will be available in 2008. The title should be SDF, usually SDF signification is “homeless people” in French (Sans Domicile Fixe) but this time SDF is Sex, Drugs and Fights!

dimanche, 09 septembre 2007

Jerome will be in 3 big productions in 2008.

Asterix at Olympics games: 2nd biggest European production ever (78 Million Euros) with French cinema greatest names (Delon, Cornillac, Depardieu, Poolevorde...) and a lot of guest stars (Zidane, Schumacher, Beckham, Todd…).

Jerome has an important role, the 4th one in term of time at the screen.

Babylon AD: (60 Million Euros) With Vin Diesel and Gerard Depardieu.

Disco: a French big production with Dubosk, Depardieu and Emmanuelle Beart.


K1 Eliminations 2007
dimanche, 09 septembre 2007

Jerome Le Banner will face Ruslan Karaev (Russia) at “K1 Eliminations”, September 29, 2007 in Seoul (South Korea).

Every year the “K1 Eliminations”, last event before the Grand Prix, qualify the 8 best fighters. They will be part of the K1 Grand Prix Final in November.

News 2006
mercredi, 06 juin 2007

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