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Welcome to Jerome Le Banner's official website

Jerome Le Banner (JLB) is one of the most talented and popular athletes of the combat sports world. He holds several world and european heavyweight titles in kick-boxing, muay thai and full contact. Considered as one of the biggest punchers in kick-boxing history, JLB is one of the most famous K-1 fighters and by extension the best known kickboxer in the world.

Since 2006, his charisma and his natural acting qualities attracted a lot of movie producers. So, 'Geronimo' (as the fans call him) will feature in several movies from 2007. (Scorpion, Astérix aux Jeux olympiques, Babylon AD, Disco...)

You´ll find here all sorts of JLB content: exclusive news and interviews, videos, pictures. And the new "shop Le Banner" will present JLB´s new clothing line (t-shirts, sweat-shirts, shorts...) and also a variety of goodies such as rare items for fans and collectors!

Promotions de rentrée
vendredi, 22 aot 2008

Promotions sur tout le catalogue du site pour la rentrée !!

T-shirt JLB 28€ 25€

Sweat-Shirt JLB 59€ 55€

T-Shirt JLB signé et numéroté 45€ 35€

Nouveautés !!
Les T-Shirt et Sweat-Shirt JLB sans flocage arrière à 15€ et 45€ !!! En savoir plus...
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